Transparency: Innovation At Its Best… “What You See Is What You Get"

Although the role of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) has become less intrusive in over-reach with regulating the auto finance industry under the current White House Administration, the repossession and remarketing industries remain under a peering veil of close-watch monitoring. Compliance in adherence to work-related process policies and procedures governing consumer privacy and consumer rights protection continue to serve as the industry's ruling "Magna Carta". Suffice to say... "This is not your father’s repossession industry”! 

At ENDTRUST, we've created an entirely new lane in 3rd-party national repossession servicing... one that challenges itself in every workflow aspect of systems technology where automation replaces risk associated with human error. We've recognized the new CFPB Standard of Compliance Excellence as a “love-it or leave-it” proposition. From ENDTRUST’s perspective, it’s very simple… 3rd-party service providers (forwarders) either conform and get out front of the compliance chasm and lead, or get out of the way and watch from the sidelines as industry changes usher in a new and improved breakthrough model. Indeed, this is no longer your father’s repossession industry… “This is a new generation of repo servicing”!