Back in the early 90’s, a new business model was born out of opportunity/need within the auto finance asset recovery industry. Auto lenders discovered a better way to facilitate repossession and remarketing in a more operationally efficient and cost-effective manner. That outsource model has not only sustained itself… it’s grown significantly over the years to whereby currently, there are at least 15 Forwarding service providers throughout the U.S. 

For the past several years, the government agency known as the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) has become deeply involved in regulating the auto-finance industry. Consequently, the trickle-down has spilled into repossession and remarketing as well. With ENDTRUST re-entering this service space, it's not tethered nor anchored to past legacy systems nor infrastructures built on platforms that predate the new era mandate of CFPB “Compliance Regulation”. With that in mind, ENDTRUST has assembled a platform of cutting-edge systems technology, unparalleled operational workflow automation and a focused commitment to compliance. 

Leading this charge for ENDTRUST is David Gryglewicz, an industry veteran who championed the effort at Remarketing Solutions back in the early 90’s forging the outsource model we all know today as “Forwarding”. ENDTRUST is owned by Jim Calvert, an industry executive who spent 13 years with Mercedes Benz Credit Corporation and currently a very prominent business entrepreneur now operating a host of extremely successful companies within various segments of the automotive industry. 

About Every Quarter Century, a Company Is Reborn…


Company Values Aren’t What We Do, They Represent Who We Are…

Character – no matter how great a commitment to service excellence, no company can do everything right… it can however, always do the right thing.

Integrity – we do what we say even when no-one is looking… our word is our honor. It defines who we are and sets clear expectations.

Customer Service – always exceed mediocrity in pursuit of building value.

Continuous Improvement – reaching goals and objectives of operational and relational achievement is not a destination… it’s our reason to keep raising the bar to get better.

Teamwork – a team of committed individuals yoked together with a common purpose is unstoppable. “The sum of the whole is greater than it’s individual parts”.

Loyalty – create trust in the journey of building lasting relationships.

Faith, Family & Community – honor God in word and deed, care for family always and give back to community.