Surfing Is Only Fun When Managing to Stay “On Top” of the Wave…

There were about 3.7 million leases that expired in 2017 and that number is expected to exceed 4.0 million lease maturities in 2018. Currently, more than 30% of new-vehicle retail sales are now leases. As more and more leased vehicles return to market, supply may eventually outpace demand. If or when that happens, used-vehicle wholesale prices may soften. And, if or when that happens… there will be mounting pressures on lease finance companies to find, deploy and carefully manage lease-end management strategies that assist in mitigating loss due to eroding residual values.

Unless prepared... lease finance companies will face a thundering crash of returns landing on their shores. The founder of EndTrust Lease-End Services along with other company executives are all battle tested. It was at Mercedes Benz Credit where Jim Calvert and Don Porter engineered the first U.S. based lease-end management group platform utilizing systems-integrated call-campaign methodologies. These same systems and call-campaign strategies are now being deployed to service not only it's own lease portfolio, Fusion Auto Finance... but also providing same services as an outsource solution for other lenders and fleet companies within the leasing industry.   

Portfolio Scrub – a complete scrub of customer data that validates the accuracy of contact information.

Portfolio Analysis – EndTrust utilizes its own unique proprietary vehicle data-analysis tool ETAPS (EndTrust

Automated Pricing Strategies) to identify not only residual loss exposure but equity opportunity as well.

Lease Maturity Management System (LMMS) – another EndTrust proprietary system designed and developed for complete portfolio lease-end customer management.

Call Campaigns – consists of both letter and telephone call correspondence starting as early as 120-days prior to customer lease maturity date.

Insurance Tracking – included in EndTrust's “Total Lease-End Management” Service.

Pre Turn-In Vehicle Inspection - also included in EndTrust’s “Total Lease-End Management” Service.

Custom Strategies – designed to target specific lease customers to purchase either new same-brand vehicle with selling dealer or existing leased vehicle with financing and warranties made available. 

Call Center – located in Bedford, TX in a two-story 44,000 sq ft building. All lease-end sales consultants go through a very regimented training program to become equipped as trusted advisors.


End-of-Term – billing and collections of mileage and wear ‘n tear charges provided for lease customers who turn their vehicle in.