Transparency: Innovation At Its Best… “What You See Is What You’ll Get”

Inventory workflow management systems have been around for as long as what we refer to today as the “forwarding” model… dating all the way back to the early ‘90’s. That said, many of today’s forwarding service providers have invested millions of dollars over the years building proprietary inventory tracking systems. These legacy systems have sustained a growing business model for almost a quarter of a century however, over the past several years… the CFPB has been closely reviewing, redefining and consequently, rewriting new playbook rules.

ENDTRUST has selected Vendor Transparency Solutions (VTS) along with My Recovery System (MRS) and their entire menu of compliance, training and inventory management service offerings to align itself with for providing what it describes and is now introducing as, the “new generation” of repossession servicing. Listed below is the most progressive and technology-infused comprehensive service offering made available by a 3rd-party repossession service provider throughout today’s recovery industry:  


Super-Agent Network (SAN) – the “super-agent” network ENDTRUST has partnered with have all met a minimum standard of compliance requirements exceeding all other 3rd-party servicing assembled networks in the industry.


Training – all recovery agencies within ENDTRUST’s “super-agent” network are subscribed to VTS Training along with on-going continuing education and testing. BACK

Lot Inspections – all recovery agencies within ENDTRUST’s “super-agent” network subscribe to annual lot inspections to ensure compliance of secured physical properties, data security, workflow compliance and designated personal property procedures for storage.                                                                                        

Vendor Vetting – all recovery agencies within ENDTRUST’s “super-agent” network subscribe to background checks along with utilizing a VTS designated tracking system for creating and managing all customer/debtor complaints/incidents via activity task follow-up toward satisfactory resolution.


My Recovery System (MRS) – because of its industry leading commitment to progressive technology advancement and recognition adherence to compliance, ENDTRUST has selected and utilizes MRS as its inventory management services systems provider. In doing so, EndTrust offers a modern-day systems platform that provides for skillful operational workflow management, environmental automation and ground-breaking compliance adherence solutions.


Vendor Transparency Solutions (VTS) – ENDTRUST has partnered with VTS as its compliance service provider because of its industry leading role in observing and promoting compliance as now being mandated by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). The VTS Professional Compliance Service package includes Vendor Vetting, Lot Inspections, on-going Training and Complaint Tracking to ensure CFPB compliance is met in every facet of repossession servicing. 


Geo-Location Technology – an MRS next generation field agent point ‘n click mobile application ENDTRUST utilizes to effectively manage and document address drive-by activity. It is the recovery industry’s first mobile app of its kind to deploy and exploit technological benefits of geolocation activity positioning referencing.


EndTrust’s “New Generation” Business Model – because ENDTRUST’s leadership was instrumental in pioneering industry change with the “first” forwarding model, its experience and expertise have again broke through the current industry landscape with another first-of-its-kind “new generation” national service model.