Vehicle Remarketing is Much More Than A Head-Nod on the Auction Block…

It doesn’t take a great deal of remarketing expertise or sales strategy to simply say “Yes” on the block when auction lanes are filled with dealers and bidding exceeds floor prices. The challenge lies in when to say “No” and then be able to support that decision with sound reasoning as to why the vehicle is worth more and more importantly, will generate a higher sale amount in a subsequent or alternative sale-offering. 

A fundamental remarketing trifecta strategy ENDTRUST deploys: “1) sell as many vehicles 2) for the most amount of money 3) in the shortest period of time”. Sounds simple enough however, nothing happens without an inventory management tracking system. At ENDTRUST, a client’s repossessed vehicle is electronically consigned seamlessly from My Recovery System (MRS) to AutoIMS but not without an algorithm decision tool that first determines the “optimum” auction selection. ENDTRUST then deploys a remarketing strategy that includes critical mass at a select group of auctions augmented by up-stream and on-line selling platforms. Auction representation is key for any remarketing strategy and at ENDTRUST, we have set procedures before the sale, on the block and post-sale. 

We’ve all heard the old saying, “you can’t manage what you don’t measure”… consequently at ENDTRUST, we measure everything. ENDTRUST’s proprietary vehicle remarketing performance analysis unique to the industry is its custom vehicle-grading analytics that looks at: yr/make/model/miles/condition and assigns a grade-rating. It sets more realistic expectations in a sound remarketing strategy that demonstrates transparency and accountability to its lender clients.     

ENDTRUST’s Vehicle Remarketing Expertise at Client’s Point ‘n Click Control…

Auto IMS – all ENDTRUST clients at the minimum, have “view” access to AutoIMS, empowering them to monitor       inventory as it moves through the remarketing life-cycle.  

Clear Titles – whether repo titles, affidavits of repossession, lease-to-loan conversion, duplicate, lease or title

corrections… ENDTRUST via its affiliate title servicing partners, facilitate the quickest turnaround in the industry. All titles are scanned and stored.

Nationwide Auction Network – includes Manheim, ADESA, ServNet, Independents along with up-stream and on-line platforms.

Auction Select – ENDTRUST utilizes its own proprietary algorithm within AutoIMS to select the “best”… rather than simply the closest auction for consignment.

Aggressive Floor Pricing – because of the auction industry’s newly adopted condition report capture methodology within AutoIMS… ENDTRUST is able to set aggressive but yet, realistic floor prices. 

Auction Representation – integral part of ENDTRUST’s “Critical Mass” strategy.

Sales & Expense – ACH net proceeds with EDI expense reconciliation.

Custom Reporting – Data and time-scheduled delivery of client-oriented custom reports made available or e-mailed per distribution disbursement.